Medical Apps in Weeks not Months 


Medical app development can be a long and arduous task even after a solid need has been identified within your healthcare professional target group.

The process generally looks something like this:

STEP 1: Identify the customer need

STEP 2: Create an App concept

STEP 3: Develop the App

STEP 4: Gain Medical Approval

STEP 5: Launch your App

STEP 6: Promote your App


  • Time
  • Cost
  • Capability
  • Internal Approval


The time and cost of customised app development has given rise to the sponsored app.

The sponsored app is an existing app that is already valued by healthcare professionals and provides sponsor pharmaceutical companies with the opportunity to brand the app for use with their specific target clinicians. These apps can often be ready for promotion within weeks and many with have a significant number of existing users.


MedSketch – Interactive patient counselling apps (RheumoSketch, NeuroSketch, OsteoSketch, VisionSketch, SurgiSketch)

iAbstracts – access to 22 million clinical abstracts in the palm of your hand –

PBSCode – Australian PBS prescriber codes at your fingertips –


Dean Millington | ANTIDOTE Marketing


ANTIDOTE Marketing is an agile digital health agency delivering innovative opportunities for pharmaceutical companies to engage with prescribers, patients and pharmacy.