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You don’t need to leave earth for this technology!

ANTIDOTE Marketing’s Augmented Reality platform allows you to leverage your existing brand creative to energise your packaging and print assets. The power of augmented reality enables you to create engaging learning and informational experiences for your customers with the ability to connect with your other online campaign components. If you would like to explore the […]

Virtual Reality | An inner body experience

Take your customers on immersive virtual reality journeys to places no camera can reach. By creating computer generated virtual environments, anatomical models and cellular level structures, ANTIDOTE Marketing has created dynamic mode of action experiences to educate and engage healthcare professionals. Let us help you realise your virtual reality concept, develop your immersive content and […]

Audible Medications

Australian patients are seeking more readily available information outside of the printed Product Information / Consumer Medicine Information provided with their medications. This presents a challenge to Pharmaceutical companies that has the potential to be met using Augmented Reality. ANTIDOTE Marketing has created a concept called “Audible Medications” that uses image recognition to energise existing […]

iAbstracts | Mobile clinical paper accessibility

Provide your healthcare professionals with access over 25 million clinical abstracts and citations from the world renowned PubMed database on you smartphone or iPad. Make contact today to learn more about the iAbstracts app and exclusive therapeutic area sponsorship and branding opportunities. Learn more at: www.iabstracts.com.au Dean Millington | ANTIDOTE Marketing

PBSCodes Mobilised

You can now provide your healthcare professionals with exclusive to access Australian PBS prescriber codes on  iPhone or Android smartphone. Help your customers search by product to find restricted benefit, authority required & authority required streamlined prescriber codes plus PBS listing information. Make contact today to learn more about the PBSCode app and exclusive therapeutic […]

OK Team, here’s THE PLAN

The Plan is our innovative sales force information app designed to allow you to capture all your critical sales force information in one updateable location. The Plan app replaces your printed “Field Sales Action Plan” or “Plan of Action” and places all key sales force information at your teams fingertips on their iPhone or iPad. Your […]

Do you see what I see?

Trying to visualise what patients with visual impairment are seeing is extremely difficult however using the power of Virtual Reality we can connect physicians with a view of their patients world in amazing new ways. Utilising 360 video within our Stand alone VR headsets we can now seamlessly help HCPs explore the visual world of […]

At the end of the day … we all need a coach

eCoach streamlines and enhances your end of the day coaching conversation by placing your organisations selling skills model at your fingertips on iPhone or iPad. eCoach facilitates coaching conversations by immediately capturing the quantitative performance rankings and qualitative comments shared between manager and team member. Make contact today to discuss creating your version of eCoach […]

Virtual Training

Place your customer in a virtual training environment were they are free to select the products and concepts that most suit their learning needs. ANTIDOTE Marketing has recently created a virtual pharmacy to demonstrate the power of virtual reality to train pharmacy staff. In the PharmaSee virtual environment users may select products from the virtual […]

Virtual Reality | Blending Reality

ANTIDOTE Marketing is now blending live VR video with animated 3D models to created mixed reality learning experience for healthcare professionals. Utilising green screen video technology to capture live 3D video of key opinion leaders or professional actors then applying post production animations we are creating credible virtual reality content enhanced with high impact, high […]